Utah Constitutional Militia  

Please Contribute to the Utah Militia

All Utah Militia participants are volunteers who purchase their own uniforms, supplies, gear, guns and ammo. They donate their time and resources to properly train as part of a well regulated militia and, with risk of life and limb, have taken an Oath to serve the people of Utah in their duty to the security of a free state.

These honorable men and women welcome your support by serving with them; or for your generous donations to reclaim a free Utah. You may contribute to the Utah Constitutional Militia by sending your donations to:

Born Sovereign Academy of Utah
4670 W 2500 N
Beryl, Utah 84714

• Born Sovereign Academy of Utah is dedicated to providing the education and resources necessary to the Minutemen who defend the Constitution and the people of Utah from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Your donations will also provide these Minutemen — the dedicated men and women who serve you — with the opportunity to train with state of the art military equipment which would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

• Born Sovereign Academy of Utah is a Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Organization whose primary function is to support the educational, the resource, and charitable needs to the active participants in the Utah Constitutional Militia.

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