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Your Right To Assemble

  Monthly “Meet & Greet” is open to everyone. The event is held at the park nearest you on the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Events are free.

Everyone in Utah is urged to support their local militia by attending these informal monthly gatherings. Invite local friends and neighbors to bring others. Silence your phones and get to know each other.

Respect each other and remain courteous; in other words, avoid politics. Share your interests and find common ground. Enjoy yourself and others. Make friends, for these are the men and women who will have your back.

Important: If no one shows, please call (801)472-6659, text (801)860-4669, or email staff @ utahmilitia.org the words "NO SHOW" followed by the DATE, your NAME, the COUNTY, and name of the PARK. Our staff will respond with insights that should improve attendance.

As membership grows, keep and secure a roster along with your minutes. Our staff members would appreciate a quick monthly email sent to staff @ utahmilitia.org with sender's Name, the DATE, the number ATTENDING, the COUNTY, the name of the PARK, followed by a very brief summary of the minutes.

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Open County Events

Annual Muster

  Date and Locations to be determined. Events are free.

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