The Balance of Power

As with any adversary, there is no mutual respect without a balance of power . .

The Constitution granted its government the limited power to safeguard individual rights. To limit that power, the Framers constituted the trias politica model for a “separation of powers” between three branches of government to furnish the proper “checks” and “balances” necessary to ensure a rigorous accountability in accordance with the Constitution and its declared purpose to preserve the free state.

Still, democracy and special interests invited unconstitutional laws, regulations, edicts, and Amendments into public matter. This corruption required a blatant disregard of the Constitution’s primary intent and was facilitated by relentless infringements on Article VI. Every branch methodically defied their Oath of Office; and it continues today.

Most damaging is the misuse of Article I, Section 8, paragraph 3 with its Unified Commercial Code which subverted the entire justice system by attaching corporate identities to everything, including Citizens. Presumed constitutional, it is entirely responsible for the loss of our individual freedom and demonstrates the true adversary to government power can only be the People.

The State’s pretentious disrespect for the U.S. Constitution and neglected constitutional responsibility to safeguard individual rights has given citizens the sense that balance is not in their favor. Government infringement on the Second Amendment further illustrates the ignored constitutional boundaries that lawfully restrain them. If tyranny hasn’t arrived, it’s surely on its way.

Civilians own an estimated 393 million firearms in the United States. Still, that astonishing number provided no perceptible shift in the balance of power. In fact, private gun ownership alone does little except provoke political narratives ultimately meant to disarm citizens.

The Constitution was crafted to restrain the government from its predilection for expansion. Any growth beyond the powers delegated in the Constitution is at the expense of liberty and an unconstitutional affliction on the free state. It must therefore be challenged – not with the politics that placed it, nor through the courts that upheld it – but appropriately in a nonpartisan manner by the “the militia of the several states” recognized today as the state unorganized constitutional militia.

Edwin Vieira Sheds Light on the U.S. Constitution

This important constitutional institution is sanctioned by the United States Constitution, its charter The Declaration of Independence, and further detailed in the Bill of Rights as “being necessary to the security of a free state.”

For every state in the union, it is essential the militia exceeds their state power — in arms, manpower, and quality of training. The numbers are there but demand a grassroots cultural change that encourages gun owner patriots to proactively train with their local militia; not just for the skills necessary to defend their own rights but to be effective in their commitment to the security of a free state.

This forgotten tradition passed on to us by our Forefathers reduces the prospect for a violent revolution. While that prospect will always exist, a simple cultural shift in power is the most prudent approach to see to it that fear alone shall result in liberty.

Fight The New World Order

The only reason for any government to exist is to safeguard individual freedom. Period. The original intent of America’s Founding Fathers was to establish a Nation that fostered this ideal. When government or oligarchy steps outside the bounds of this mandate, it is no longer providing the service it was originally designed for; and it must be dismantled.

To peacefully restrain its government, citizens must keep their understanding of freedom plus the means and vigilance to secure it.

Reflect on our differences. In truth, there is but one that matters; the difference between those who respect the self-ownership and individual rights of others, and those who don’t.It is the basic human struggle between GOOD and EVIL.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a formal investigation into how the Justice Department went awry in Nevada. Until the feds cease wrongfully abusing their targets, there will be no rebound in trust in Washington.

Rebellion Against Tyranny

. . . a rebellion in this day and age must be asymmetric in nature; meaning smaller groups acting covertly on their own initiative everywhere rather than in only one place.
– Brandon Smith

April 2014 at the Bundy Ranch

August 1992 at Ruby Ridge

This Constitution exists to frame a limited government so that our individual rights can be exercised freely. Any amendments, laws, edicts, or regulations in defiance of that intent are illegitimate.

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