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Practicing Radio Coms

Post by KuernoDeChivo » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:28 am

For ham radio operators, new or experienced in Utah County area, our group Sultans Of Simplex focuses on allowing hams to improve their local coms as well as getting a better idea of what their footprint is here in the valley. Our primary frequency is on the UHF 70cm band but we also have secondary and tertiary frequencies that include both 2 meters and both VHF and UHF digital. We are also doing a push to get members to improve their station capabilities to include HF NVIS to facilitate coms into our more rural communities outside of Utah County and back country without the assistance of local repeaters.

While we are not affiliated with any specific militia group, you will find most members are like minded preppers and/or constitutionalists, especially in regards to 2A. So whether you are a fresh ham sitting there with a UV5R or a long in the tooth experienced operator that likes to experiment or just hang out and rag chew, check us out. I will include an image with our primary frequency.



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