The Militia of Utah    

M E M B E R S :

•  Training – Mission Loadout Gear

The Militia of Utah

Mission Loadout Gear

  • Call out bag

  • Plastic or Kevlar helmet

  • Ball cap

  • Goggles –  Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle 

  • Gloves –  Flight Gloves Military 

  • Binoculars

  • Radio 8 Watt Ham Radio Baofeng Radio Baofeng Walkie Talkie with Rechargeable 3800mAh Battery UHF VHF Dual Band 2-Way Radio with TIDRADIO Driver Free Programming Cable 2 Pack –

  • Balaclava

  • Backpack

  • Medical Kit –

  • Two Knives (one fixed blade, one folding)

  • Pepper Spray (Large Mark 42) –  Maximum Strength Pepper Gel 

  • Green glow sticks (3)

  • Duct Tape orange and yellow

  • Zip Ties (8) 22” inch premium ties thick

  • Roll of 100 feet of 550 Paracord

  • Pea type Whistle

  • Juice boxes or Gatorades

  • Energy bars –  Mayday 400 Calorie Food Bars 

  • Very bright flashlight (1,600 lumens)

  • 4 foot wooden 1 1/2 -inch diameter closet rod wrapped in electrical tape

  • Blue or black windbreaker jacket

  • Handgun and three loaded magazines Spare 50 round box in pack

  • Body armor (optional)

  • Expandable Baton (optional) or ¾ diameter 24-inch long wooden dowl

  • Night vision (optional)

  • Body Camera (optional) 1296P HD Police Body Camera, 64G Memory, CammPro Premium Portable Body Camera,Waterproof Body-Worn Camera with 2 Inch Display, Night Vision, GPS for Law Enforcement Recorder, Security Guards, Personal Use –  HD Police Body Camera 

  • Rifle AR 15 with two-point sling and 4 loaded magazines extra 60 rounds in pack. –

    The above list is for both rural and urban deployment. Any modifications, additions, subtractions, or substitutions is your choice. Always be overprepared for the ones who are not. Please include any medications, hygiene, or comfort items. Clothing will differ for each person, but tan or green tactical pants and a tactical green polo shirt will be our common uniform. BDUs will be Multicam.

    Links are just suggestions. Get what works, is available, and you can afford.

A well regulated Militia Utah Constitutional Militia 2015-2024